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Holistic health

for holistic living

It's not just about weight loss.  

It's about living your whole life well.




Transform your health

Reclaim your life

We know it's a challenge to create a healthy balance of priorities and responsibilities, especially during times of heightened stress.  While life is rapidly changing, stress levels increase and, as a result, health and wellness often take a hit. Good personal health & wellness practices are key to bringing your best self forward so that you can perform and live to your fullest potential.

We often hear, “I know what to do. . .but I have a hard time doing it.”  While there may be some truth to that, there is a lot of misinformation out there about what is healthy or what the "best" choices are for health & nutrition. That's where the Living Well Cohort Program comes in! The program focuses on identifying practices that may be preventing you from reaching your goals while replacing them with and building foundational healthy practices, all within the support system of a facilitated small cohort and personal coach.


The Living Well Cohort Program focuses on building one success, one practice, one change at a time to make lasting, sustainable behavioral changes. Our methodology will allow you to take immediate action and control while building a lifetime of sustainable practices.


"Some days it feels impossible to prioritize myself in the midst of all of my responsibilities at work, home, and in the community. That's why this program has been such a big help. With structure and support, I do better. I have regained control over my health and my life."

Get Started

The Living Well Program

You are invited to have long term success with us. This program is specifically designed for people with varied backgrounds and goals.  We play the long game while helping you manage the immediate challenges. We will work together through online tools to learn, shift your practices, and shape your health in sustainable ways.  Living Well is a process of 1:1 coaching and collaborative interactions that allow you to take deliberate steps in changing your practices for the sake of your overall health. Rather than a "one size fits all" approach, Living Well focuses on a "one size fits YOU" for your specific goals and needs.  Will you lose weight - likely yes! Will you feel stronger and have more energy - definitely yes! Will you discover your ability to make big, transformative changes through small, intentional steps - FOR SURE!  

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I was really worried about the money and time this program would require. I have two very active teenagers in my house and one in college. ​


What I found out is that our family is actually saving money. We are saving because I skip a lot of aisles at the grocery store. We are also thinking more as a family about what we are eating and how much so we aren't wasting as much food either. I also saved money on my life insurance premium because my labs came back better than expected!


My kids say I am less grumpy and we are having a lot more less-rushed meal times together as a family because we are making it a priority.


My colleagues and friends are starting to ask me about it and how they can live well too!


Practices & Resources

As a part of your wellness adjustments, you are provided with online practices, various resources,

and brief self-assessments.  This complements the relationship with your 1:1 coach and allows for a personalized coaching experience.

Coach Support

Leigh Ann and Shannyn are trained through Precision Nutrition’s extensive certification process as facilitators and coaches. You will have access to these two experts as you shape your practices, receive support, or want to celebrate successes! 

Community of Support

When you are a part of this program, you have the opportunity to work both 1:1 with your coach and with an intentional cohort.  Your small group is formed with people of similar goals and challenges. The shared understanding of your life and vocational demands is a safe place to build support.

Focused Self-Care

Self -Care focuses on what you need to function in a healthy way on a daily basis.  Self-Care includes prioritization of movement, sleep, stress management, voicing your needs, and nutrition so you are able to be fully present with the people in your life.

Next cohort begins July 2021!  

Registration open NOW until June 28th.

Your Success is Contagious!

Living Well is a program of Peak Health & Performance, LLC

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