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Both Leigh Ann & Shannyn are committed first and foremost to your needs. They will walk alongside you with intentional guidance as you do the hard work of shifting behaviors and actions.  They understand the numerous stressors that occur in daily life and will help you learn how to manage and mitigate unhealthy responses.  We don't promise overnight results but we do know that when you commit to this program, your transformation will happen.

Leigh Ann Wolfe

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Coach

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Leigh Ann is a Pacific Northwest native who loves the outdoors and thrives in the mountains. She grew up playing team sports and has always been fascinated by health and fitness. It wasn't until after overcoming her own health obstacles that she found a passion for helping others become healthier, stronger, and fitter versions of themselves. She loves giving people the tools to discover capabilities they never knew they had to achieve big goals and continue self-improvement. Leigh Ann is committed to giving back to her community by volunteering for and serving on the Board of Seattle Mountain Rescue (SMR), volunteering for The Mountaineers, and working to ensure food security in King County.


She takes a holistic approach to create training and nutrition programs that help you develop while taking into account the whole person - sleep, stress management, nutrition, work, relationships, etc. She works with you to customize your program to ensure you're on target to meet your goals. She can help you focus on a specific goal and help you make the long-term, sustainable changes through habit and behavioral changes that lead to lasting body and life transformations. 


Fun Facts!

As a mountain athlete, Leigh Ann trains hard outside and inside the gym to increase durability, mental fitness, and to perform on the trails and in the mountains. She's climbed several of North America's tallest mountains and spends most weekends playing in Washington's mountain ranges - peak bagging, alpine climbing, ice climbing, skiing, hiking, trail running. She takes your health and fitness as seriously as she takes her own. 

Shannyn Fuerst

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Precision Nutrition Level 2 

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Shannyn grew up in the Midwest with two older brothers and an identical twin sister.  She currently serves as a solo pastor at a Lutheran church in Seattle, WA. Prior to Seattle she served at a larger congregation and team ministry in Council Bluffs, IA. She has found great joy in working with children, youth, and families within ministry. 


Shannyn was a cross country and track athlete in high school and college.  She has always loved movement and learning about nutrition. As a pole vaulter and hurdler she appreciated the technical aspects of the events and details it takes for improvement.  As an athlete, Shannyn enjoyed being part of a team, learning more about her sports, and encouraging her teammates. She took this passion for coaching first to high school sports, then group fitness, and now to nutrition.  Shannyn has encountered her own struggles with wellness, health, and nutrition over the years. Weight fluctuations due to work stress and lifestyle, recovering from injury and surgery, and the challenges of being in a service profession have led Shannyn to finally take ownership of her own health and make significant long-term habit and lifestyle changes.  She understands the pressures and expectations that face  leaders which often lead to unhealthy habits and behaviors mentally, emotionally, and physically. She is passionate about helping others discover their strengths, care for themselves long term, and live into healthy leadership. 


Fun Facts!

The love for learning new sports and competing has not faded with age!  Shannyn took on a new focus of Olympic weightlifting and enjoys competing! She recently returned to the track, coached by Leigh Ann, and ran a 6:00.58 mile at age 40, beating her fastest college time. Since moving to Seattle she has found enjoyment in new sports such as indoor rock climbing, hiking, snowshoeing, and general fitness.  

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