Frequently asked questions

Why certified health coaching?

With many responsibilities in life, it can be easy to miss the mark when caring for yourself in a sustainable manner. Health and wellness includes, but is not limited to: nutrition, sleep, hormone balances, exercise, stress & time management, and priorities. Living Well Coaches are experienced in walking alongside people, helping address the challenges that affect these areas and providing support for you to find strategies that work. (e.g. even simple things like how to navigate social gatherings, eating out, and managing stressors through food). The roller coaster of life that affects your emotions and stress levels can be smoothed out for the health and wellness of yourself, family, and work. This is not a “one size fits all”, but rather a “one size fits you.”
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Why Cohort AND Individual Coaching?

We are better together. Cohort coaching allows for collaboration, encouragement, understanding, and brainstorming. Individual coaching allows a focus on your specific goals and needs within your personal transformation. Certified nutrition coaches Leigh Ann Wolfe and Shannyn Fuerst, will get to know you as an individual. With compassion they will support you, guide you, and ask the hard questions. They will not accept the excuses we often tend to make, but will do so with care and your best interest in mind.

What does the program look like?

The Living Well Cohort is a 3 month focus. This allows you to address your immediate needs. However, we enjoy working with people on longterm goals. Therefore, the program is designed to easily continue on well past those three months to deeply address and solidify your health goals, should you desire. We utilize the Precision Nutrition coaching platform as a foundation. Health practices and optional lessons will assist your consistency and goal path. 1:1 Phone/Zoom calls with your coach will help you stay accountable. Monthly Workshops via Zoom will focus on a specific learning area and is recorded in case your schedule hinders you from joining live. The Signal app allows us to connect you with a facilitated small cohort group for support. It is an efficient way for your coaches and teammates to share updates, ideas, and brief check-ins. Sign Up Now

Does it work?

Yes! Keep in mind, this is hard work and good work. It is not a 30-day challenge or crash diet. You will not be asked to buy products. You WILL receive holistic coaching that will change your lifestyle and patterns. The program focuses on building one success, one habit, one change at a time in order to create sustainable actions that have lasting effects in your life. You will become more self aware and have a deeper understanding of how small changes build to create large differences. Read testimonials
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What if I don’t want to lose weight?  Or what if I do want to lose weight?

This is not just for weight loss, though everyone has experienced either a loss in weight and/or gain in physical abilities. While weight loss is often a goal for people, health and wellness is much more than the scale. It is about nourishing our bodies with nutrient rich foods, creating sleep patterns that allow us to truly rest and restore, having the energy for productive relationships, and being able to manage stress in a healthy fashion. It is about being our best, healthiest selves that allow for lifelong wellness. Sign Up Now

Where are you located?

The Living Well coaches are located in the Seattle, WA area, but the program is based online. That means you can live anywhere and find success with this program! Sign Up Now

How do I sign up and pay for it?

Sign up HERE... The sign-up process: After filling out the registration form, one of our coaches will review your application to make sure we're a good fit for your goals. We want to ensure you get the most out of this journey. You will be contacted by one of our coaches within 1-2 business days. At that time you will be emailed a waiver and service agreement. Payments: Invoices will be emailed directly to you (must have a contact name and email) by Peak Health & Performance, LLC through Square. Your first invoice for the three-month commitment is paid online at time of your registration. After three months, if you would like to continue further you can set up automatic month to month payments. Sign Up Now

How do I know if I'm ready?

This program is for anyone but isn’t for everyone. It is hard and good work to make sustainable, lasting changes in your health and wellness. While the time commitment of lessons and habits is short, the time for reflection and self-analysis takes effort. We ask that you be prepared mentally to open yourself up to the process and be patient as long-term gains are slow but steady. We promise to walk alongside and guide you through it all, but the hard work depends on you. If you have questions please contact us to talk to one of the coaches! Sign Up Now

I understand this is about more than weight loss. Can you tell me more?

It is about so much more than weight loss. It's about living your whole life well. For us, that means: • learning to manage your stress • creating and honoring healthy boundaries • holding yourself accountable • being a stronger leader • transforming yourself, inside and out • establishing habits that lead to long-term success Sign Up Now

Can I use FSA/HSA funds to help pay for the program?

We have worked with several people who have utilized FSA or HSA funds to help finance the program. How you access or apply the funds is dependent on your provider. Some people have required a doctor's note to access funds for nutrition coaching while others have simply submitted invoices for reimbursement. Please check with your provider for specific instructions on how to access FSA or HSA funds for the program. We do not invoice providers directly. Note, some organizations allow for the use of continuing education monies as a support to your holisitc health. Sign Up Now

Why 3 months rather than 30 days?

It takes time to create effective change. From our experience, three months allows you to see sustainable changes. You're over the initial excitement of starting something new, have put in some real effort to shift habits, and are establishing significant patterns. We value your time and money and don't want to waste either. We want to see you succeed and provide the best coaching possible. The program is designed to easily continue beyond three months, should you choose. It allows us to dig even deeper and work on complex, significant goals. Sign Up Now